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Messaging Via Your License Plate Number Is a vehicle blocking you, lights remained on, or you just want to contact the owner. From now on, TagnCar will help you do just that, simply using a license plate number.

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Enjoy all the functionalities of a modern messaging app. Block a user or add a friend to your favorites, receive real-time notifications, all that on your Android smartphones or iPhone.

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TagnCar is integrated with Android-Auto, allowing you to receive messages safely. Indeed your messages are received and read directly by your vehicle. All you have to do is install Android-Auto from Play-Store. If your vehicle is not compatible, you can just use a handsfree kit.

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Pour un confort d’utilisation, TagnCar est intégré à Siri, profitez de l’assistant vocal d’Apple pour envoyer des messages aux automobilistes. N’hésitez plus à demander à Siri de vous lire vos nouveaux messages.

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If you need, we can give you access to our JSON-RPC API, which will allow you to automatize sending and receiving messages. If yin need more information, email us at [email protected]

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TagnCar Team

Christophe Robert CEO

Christope Robert


Sébastien Chamarande

Sébastien Chamarande

Director Marketing

Amine Belaiba

Amine Belaiba

Graphic Designer

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